Poetry readings, June-July 2015

I was one of the featured poets at Smokehouse Deli, Bandra organized by Poetry Couture and Po Art Initiative, and the ever-energetic and enterprising, Raghavendra Madhu.


Dan Husain, Kirti Kulhari, Raamesh G. Raghavan, and Raghavendra himself swept us off (our imagination’s cliff) with the depth and lilt of words. The open mic that followed had known voices: Preeti Vangani, Bhaskar Pitla, Dominic Alapat, Mayank Saxena, and new voices that made the day verse-drunk. Megha’s movie on acid attack victims was riveting.


I was happy to soak into the warmth of these brilliant, jubilant people that later only hanging out in the sparse lights of Janata Bar could top.


On June 28, I went to wish my new friends Ankita Shah and Trupthi Shetty and all the other TPC (The Poetry Club, Mumbai) members a very happy second anniversary. It was a celebration of poetry and song|music on the guitar and vocals. I met so many old friends and made new ones that again the experience was nothing short of electrifying!

(I know… there are some good adjectives surrounding my life right now. Touch wood.)


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