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Poetry readings, June-July 2015

I was one of the featured poets at Smokehouse Deli, Bandra organized by Poetry Couture and Po Art Initiative, and the ever-energetic and enterprising, Raghavendra Madhu. Dan Husain, Kirti Kulhari, Raamesh G. Raghavan, and Raghavendra himself swept us off (our imagination’s cliff) with the depth and lilt of words. The open mic that followed had known voices:…

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a Chennai feast with Poetry Couture

And those crackling Chennai days, where you speak poetry and life or life and poetry in any order. Then coffee, then humidity, new faces, new languages, but the same manner of the heart. The mud, the skin from where it all comes, to where it all returns. Colors, coziness, ambience, and laughter. The tilt of…

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Poetry galore

Three places, this month, where I will be sharing my poetry. In Chennai on 3rd & 5th June In Mumbai on 9th June Pick and choose, or better still… come for all. I’m so excited I will be reading some newer pieces.

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