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Salt & pepper & silver linings is out on!

‘Aai, Avo, Aaji, Achamma, Ammachi, Ammumma, Dadi, Eyabhai, Gowrimma, Gramma, Granny, Iye’mi, Jejema, Lala, Mariamma, Maruska, Nani, Olinka, Oma, Paati, Unniamma: matriarchs by any name blaze as molten-bright and rise to bear witness across nations, cultures and generations. An ode to the lives of 44 feisty women we are proud to call our foremothers.’ The…

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Joao-Roque Literary Journal Issue # 11 is out!

Issue # 11 of the Joao-Roque Literary Journal is out! Homelands Far Away. This issue features moving poetry by Chandramohan Sathyanathan, Sonnet Mondal, Pitambar Naik, and Salil Chaturvedi. In the beautiful words of Editor Selma Carvalho… Dear readers, It is hard to believe that we are already into our third year of publishing the journal….

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For Poetry Without Walls

Yesterday was an interesting Mumbai event. Unusual poets yoked together, a few who might never have read in the same space given the walls & lines (with no windows) drawn between them. FOR A WORLD WITHOUT WALLS A brave act of inclusiveness by Bina Sarkar Ellias who inhaled and implemented the truest spirit of poetry,…

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