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Poem publications, July-Aug 2015

My poem ‘Birth’ got published on the Poetry India website. I am honored to share space with all the poets on this page  and here: *** I am  elated to be part of bigbride and An Anthology of Contemporary Indian Poetry II, edited and curated by the amazing and ever-inspiring Menka Shivdasani.   Hey, what are you still…

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Poetry readings, June-July 2015

I was one of the featured poets at Smokehouse Deli, Bandra organized by Poetry Couture and Po Art Initiative, and the ever-energetic and enterprising, Raghavendra Madhu. Dan Husain, Kirti Kulhari, Raamesh G. Raghavan, and Raghavendra himself swept us off (our imagination’s cliff) with the depth and lilt of words. The open mic that followed had known voices:…

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