The Punch Magazine anthology review in the Deccan Herald.

The Punch Magazine anthology is doing very well thanks to Editor Shireen Quadri, Niyogi Books, Trisha Niyogi, my fellow writers in the book, all the readers and reviewers.

One of the latest reviews by Sucheta Dasgupta/Deccan Chronicle is here.

(Just sometimes, randomly and out-of-the-blue, you receive such a shot in the arm that you go about hopping like a pagal bunny over to your writing days. Thank you Sucheta Dasgupta. I have never met you, never ever come across you, but your final paragraph in the review made my day, week, year.)

“All the same, with its stark realism and evocative language, Rochelle Potkar’s story of a Mumbai washerwoman grieving the loss of a brother who was a rapist, “Honour”, surpasses every other contender in this collection of works in quality and is the pick of the compilation.”

Another review by Mallik Thatipalli in the Firstpost here, says –

Another story which stands out is Honour by Rochelle Potkar. The poet and writer has been following social and feminist issues and this story was a natural progression which took a couple of years to manifest. “While sketching the story of Honour I was thinking of dishonour and honour killing and what it would be from a different perspective.” she muses and adds, “Purna, the washerwoman, emerged, probably, from the dhobi ghats of Mahalaxmi that I would witness over two years during my postgraduate college days. And as a story writer: I followed the scent of the story as the characters lead me into the story world.”

SK Anila, one of the writers in the anthology also gifted a copy to Shashi Tharoor.
Ab woh padhe toh zaroor.

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