‘Skirt’ – my poetry film at Hyderabad Literary Festival 2019

If you are at Hyderabad Literary Festival this January, don’t miss ‘Trans-Verse’ at Shaheen block, conceptualized and curated by Saima Afreen, showcasing works of eight poets from India, France, Portugal, Brazil, and Ireland.

Yekta, Marcio Andre, Rochelle Potkar, Santasree Chaudhuri, Saima Afreen, Colm Scully, Mriganka Shekhar Ganguly, and Carolina Floare.

“How does a poet’s mind look? What does it resemble when you accidentally enter it? Maybe it’s a bottomless ocean or maybe a city. A place forever churning out snippets that keep playing in loops. And God knows what else is placed in its alleys. You enter this city with your own seasons, and the city, in turn, hands you over a maze of its trails which descend deep into a space you didn’t think existed. But it was there all along like the hope or harvest, the thirst for water. This meanders back to the same places you’ve travelled to or lived in and gives a call to your absence. A part of you responds without you ever realising it; dialogues traverse to the bazaars still holding the smell of freshly-baked bread, to the stairs in the plaza pulsating with a conversation or to a woman holding the glaze of glass windows in her gaze. It appears all condensed in the moment before getting etched in your mind forever. And this very moment, no matter how far it is in distance or memory, actually belongs to you. You are its harvest, the sum of its million fractions, thus streaming between its crescendo and scherzando. Then you become its Vermeer, its Vivaldi, and its Calvino. And you become a momentary denizen of this city.

Enter a space of poetry-films and experience sights, sounds, words, which play in the mind of a poet – as part of a novel experiential installation.”

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