Salt & pepper & silver linings is out on!

‘Aai, Avo, Aaji, Achamma, Ammachi, Ammumma, Dadi, Eyabhai, Gowrimma, Gramma, Granny, Iye’mi, Jejema, Lala, Mariamma, Maruska, Nani, Olinka, Oma, Paati, Unniamma: matriarchs by any name blaze as molten-bright and rise to bear witness across nations, cultures and generations.

An ode to the lives of 44 feisty women we are proud to call our foremothers.’

The book is out here:
‘In its pages, you will find vivid, quirky, bittersweet testimonies that often turn the cliché of the doting grandmother on its head.

Edited by Abhirami Girija Sriram and Babitha Marina Justin, Salt & pepper & silver linings is an alphabet of memory which brings together a sisterhood of vibrant voices from across the world.’

“A warm book…warm, aromatic and plentiful, like home-baked bread.“
– J Devika, feminist reader and researcher.



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