Posters galore

I thought of stringing together  posters this time into a story. So here it goes:

1. Read poetry at India Art Festival, IAF conversations, Nehru Centre, Dec 2015.


2. Facilitated a poetry workshop at the American Library, Dec 2015.


3. This is the poster for Neesah magazine. Do submit to it if you have LGBT-based fiction, poetry, book reviews, book-related writeups. We are accepting of reprints.


4. The first solo workshop that I conducted on poetry: free verse and haibun, at Lady Sriram college on a misty wintry morning in Delhi. It was fulfilling. Almost dream-like.


5. Lit-O-Fest

Lit O fest

6. Celebrating Black History Month with a poetry competition.

It was wonderful judging 63 promising poems.

Poetry contest finale flyer




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