Poetry and haibun workshop, LSR, Delhi

My first (solo) poetry workshop on free verse and haibun went well.

The misty Delhi morning stretched into the noon keeping the hours pleasant. I went to Chath for a previous night’s shivering-cold dinner and guess what! – jal jeera with rum (yum!).

The noon lunch was at Social. Then small talk at the lake of blue.

It was poetic, except for the flight I missed because of running between two commitments. Even after keeping tabs on time, how could I get the in-between travel times wrong? Especially when I was at the board meeting of KJ Somaiya College discussing and reviewing the syllabi for first year undergraduate classes, Arts and Commerce, in the capacity of an Industry Expert for the first time. I should have known better than to book a flight so scissor-tight to another event. But I managed another not-too-late flight. 10 pm arrival into the  chattering Delhi cold. Not too bad.

I was happy to spread the haibun virus.



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