Paper Asylum reviewed in Muse India by Akila G.

Where poet Akila G. reviews Paper Asylum in Muse India:

“The author’s vivid images pull us from deep within of our own madcap days, nights and lull noon where we aren’t mere spectators of time but find a figment of time in ourselves locked in the narrow corridors of livelihood and beliefs. Be it Aparanta, Manojji, the secretive Selena, Chabad House, the effervescent Spice garden, the juxtaposed Samsara, the ethereal Lake Vostok, to mention a few. The book explores the geography of skins of stories from love, lust, secrets, desires, dreams, hope, prayer, human interferences; a skyline of what makes us, moulds us, breaks and mends us in this journey of life that never misses an exclamation mark. In the author’s words:

‘Each wave coming and going decides’.”

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Photo credit: Kinshuk Gupta


p.s. Another observation from the places I visit is that the young at heart and mind are open to read/write the haibun form, but retired poets, averse to experimentation, are dismissive about this age-old form invented by Basho in 17th century.

Situation accepted.

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