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Check the issue, first for its delicious cover, then for its scrumptious fiction and poetry.


Our poetry editor, Rochelle Potkar remarks about this issue:

“ The Inuit say the earth has shifted north, and collective moods are shifting this month with a riff in the air for climate change, more in the blur of celebrating trans-experiences of mind and spirit.

This sentiment reflects in the pieces chosen for this issue. But let us start at the beginning with Bibhu Padhi’s piece, ‘Arrivals and Departures’, where time jades realities, and its reminded notion ages the page with premonitions on predictability. A nice way to take a rain check on anticipation.

If we were to start on this note, it can only go ink-darker, translucence-starker with Vinita Agrawal’s ‘Artifice’ as a shamanic reading between body and sky out of the many interpretations it might potentiate, soon lending to a lilting lift in intrigue, imagery, and allure by Eloise Stevens’ poems ‘Mandakini, Uttarakhand’ and ‘To the temple of Masroor’ in the playful subversion of stereotype.

Three new voices reveal themselves in startling and refreshing ways with Misbah Ansari’s, ‘When faith blows inside a glass’, Samartha Madan Ingle’s, ‘Chameleons’, and Saheli Khastagir’s poem, ‘Dissolve into doorways’.
The post-modern blitz by Mihir Chitre with ‘A 2.31 AM Whisper’ is important to shake one up from too much of wandering… climate of stance, reverie of mise-en-scene.
And Bibhu Padhi’s second poem, ‘Missing History’ frames the end, thus concluding the conversation, like a duster erasing chalk on a board after an intense session. ”

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Editorial – May-June 2017


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