My story, ‘The Leaves of the Deodar’ wins the Open Road Review Short Story Prize 2016

I was delighted to wake up to this news, alerted by friends.

Some days, moments, and joy that I will cherish and keep close to heart…until memory leaves me.

Thank you all for your appreciation, love, and support.

The comments of the jury about the winning story are as follows:

“A very interesting historic tale. A Brahmin servant employed by a British household, at the time of events leading to the Indian rebellion of 1857, with a fascinating philosophical undercurrent that made us sit up, really made us think. A broad and thoughtful journey in a few words that brings the extraordinary past of the colonial times in a voice that is sensitive, humorous and fresh.”

—Vanessa Gebbie, Madhulika Liddle and Kulpreet Yadav (Contest Jury)

You can read the story here:

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