My poem ‘Confluence’ in the review of ‘Greening the Earth: A Global Anthology of Poetry’.

Basudhara Roy Chatterjee’s comprehensive and poignant review in Borderless Journal of ‘Greening the Earth: A Global Anthology of Poetry’ (ed.: K. Satchidanandan and Nishi Chawla), published by Penguin Random House also makes mention of my poem ‘Confluence’ that she reads so resonantly.

“Rochelle Potkar’s ‘Confluence’ raises concern regarding the legal personhood and rights of our natural environment. Embodying the spirit of the ‘Rights of Nature’ movement that believes in the right of every ecosystem to flourish without victimisation by humans, the poem makes a strong case for the rights of water bodies which are relentlessly drained, contaminated, and exploited by human activities, its opening line being highly potent in its irony.”

Thank you, Basudhara for an astute reading of the book.

The review –

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