My poem amongst the 8 shortlisted for the RædLeaf Poetry India Award

reading my poem - Knotted inside me

RædLeaf Poetry India Award is the first, most generous, national level, annual poetry-only award in all of India.

In the long poems category, it drew 2 winners, 8 shortlisted, and 40 long-listed poems out of 562 entries.

My poem, ‘Knotted inside me’ was one of the 8 shortlisted ones! Delighted!

Was presented with the shortlist prize, a certificate of participation and 2 lovely poetry books (Land, Jayanta Mahapatra & I, Lalla, Ranjit Hoskote), by none other than Anand Thakore.

receiving my shortlist award from Anand Thakore

Hyderabad, November 2013

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