Monopoly in Mumbai

I wonder if some places/venues in Bombay have been monopolized.
No matter how much you send an application for a book launch event/workshop, they turn a deaf ear. Then suddenly there are other’s who are launching their books/exposing their eloquence. Same set of names. Regurgitated (best-friend) list.

Lovely monopoly, but guys, let the others breathe. Your poetry is not the only thing happening on earth. Other poets exist!!
How long will you play the victimhood card of ‘not getting as much attention as due or deserved’? You have taken over the best spaces on an annual basis, by crying & crying. It’s comical.

Stop crying!!!

p.s. I have been trying to place a friend’s book launch for 6 months now in this dodgy atmosphere.

And those who can’t read text, a graphic.

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