Launching the ‘Joao Roque Literary Journal’ to promote Goan literature

Dear Friends,

Very elated to share with you the launching of the ‘Joao Roque Literary Journal’. It is my pleasure to team up with its founding-editor, Selma Carvalho, a British-Indian writer and columnist.

The primary objective of this review is to showcase the Goan short story. The secondary objective is to further audiences for Goan books, art and related writing.

Please visit the website. We have managed, just for you, an inaugural showcasing of prose, poetry, articles, and book reviews. The About and Submit sections will tell you more. Our first reading period is January-February end, 2017.
There will also be an Overall excellence annual award of INR 10000 for the best short story.

Our partners are the Dogears bookshop, Goan Voice UK, and a local daily.

Our Facebook page is:

Looking forward to reading your submissions.

Download and share this little flyer, if you like.

Poster - JRLR

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