Judging the Mumbai Poetry Slam hosted by Words Tell Stories, Barking Deer

I had fun being one of the judges to this Slam!
A few of my unread Rattle poetry anthologies became good prize components.
What a splendid evening was it. At Words Tell Stories, Barking Deer.

Rochelle D’silva has created such a crucible of vibrancy with riveting, stirring poetry. She, the nurturist. She, the culturist.

And it’s amazing to see the talent! Thoughts, thought-mazes!
Loved each bit of yesterday.
The winner of this Grand Slam was: Nadeem Raj.
Close on heels, Neha Raghani, and Malvika Kathpal.

But each and every contestant created surprising magic.
It was lovely meeting old and new friends.
An evening to remember.


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