Incel insult

You might not know me and that is better. I am an introvert who can celebrate the company of but a few. Even two in a room gives me a feeling the room is full of a 100. (So exclusions or cancel cultures would/could never work on me in theory or practice. I wouldn’t even understand it.)

I have come across a hive mind – a group of group-thinkers and I must warn you if you ever hear of them and their fake narratives about me, that you should keep your independent discerning mind to glean and decide. Don’t fall into their trap.

The ring – mostly comprising of unemployed less-on-talent men who write ‘poetry’ -,targets lone women poets and promising talented male poets. They only worship established male/female poets whom they can’t destroy so could do wise by bending and bowing for support.

The leader of this hive-mind appears sexually repressed because his obsession with me is curiously funny. He has been targetting me too through whisper networks saying ‘my poetry doesn’t have “range”. If I partner/curate a poetry festival, he spreads misinformation that the festival is corrupt or money-minting, even though the judges are people he bows down to.

IMO I find this poor thing’s poetry quite underwhelming. I’d put it under the “stub cigarette category” – very tired, a pinch of soot. Forgettable. Forgotten. So his attacks are understandable. He can’t fathom the independence of confident sparkling lone-women poets. But we will always know to own our days under the sun. Unstoppably. Somebody needs to educate him.

He appears “de-ranged” and cannot even grasp “range”.

I write in many genres, over many topics, themes, forms, and will continue to do so, unstoppably. MY journey, MY life.

No incel or brothel-goer, talentless bugger can frighten me off.


Not so long ago, at a poetry workshop, that I was invited to conduct – one of the hive-mind guys from this group was present. As I shared exercises and writing process tips to a very resonant receptive warm bunch, this guy was hissing at me – catching the tinies of my errors and scoffing. He seemed brainwashed. I recognized him from the group-think bunch and kept my cool. I knew – sooner or later – their surfaces crack.

Right enough once all the participants started sharing their gorgeous pieces of writing and we came to this guy. He had written some measly sad uninspiring 4 lines. That’s it! :O All his heckling was to become a professional heckler.

No wonder the group-thinkers stick so close – they weigh not as a whole body but as one limb each. So all limbs orgy together to make up the whole body if they have to make any difference at all. In other words, catch them alone and they will collapse with some uninspiring lines of ‘poetry’. The best part is they know it deep down, and can’t run or hide from their lack of talent. It eats into them.

LMAO. I am not afraid of such jokers. My popcorn tub, though, needs regular refilling.


Thanks for reading.

Now back to good work! 😀

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