Hyderbad Literary Festival (HLF 2016)

Had a lovely time at HLF 2016. Too many little experiences and snippets to even weave a patchwork of a paragraph. So I am leaving this with just a few photos. But meeting people – old friends and getting acquainted with new, immersing yourself in panel discussions both as a panelist and audience, meeting over drinks, long noons, dinner, wine, rum, and poetry. Talking, talking, talking late into the nights… on surreal pathways… fairy-tale-like. Where there is anchorage of true words, laughter, stories, and sincerity it will always be delightful. Now-a-day, i measure experiences by how warm they keep the bonfire of my heart, even on cold nights, especially on cold days. If I thank the people for this magic it will run into paragraphs. You need that many lovely people to make for a superb experience. Or maybe sometimes just one – person, epiphany, sunray, it depends.



at the New writing in India  fiction panel discussion

new for blog

reading poetry


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