Caesurae conference in Cooch Behar: highlights for me.

The Caesurae conference in Cooch Behar was insightful in many Indic and Vedic ways of Tantra, Mantra and Music. Add to it the Rajbari Palace and giggling over beer and pizza with poet-friends. I was so glad to have read excerpts from Bombay Hangovers and speak of its upcoming translation into Hindi by Divya Joshi. Thank you Jayita Sengupta and Team@Caesurae for this wonderful confluence. To read poetry on Panel 1 with Kabir Deb and Divya Joshi and conduct a haiku workshop for the very alert and talented students of the Cooch Behar College. Was glad to make acquaintances and meet old and new friends. Happy to be back home to Mumbai though – to its monsoon and mangoes.

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