i can sense

a gush of sorrow

i can do nothing to tear

a   w    a    y . . .


her passing i feel

over, ahead,



her life was news

i swear: our paths never intersected


her death news too

until her poems bred wounds

in my veins, with words,

weakening my joints


i can sense

a wave of sorrow

now at 4:54


Is it her burial time?

Time for the final hi-five?


No one tells me anything.

& i do not wish to know


but this sensing is as much…

when two moons ago

I felt a hardening of hearts,

a wall of loathe

by a little, selective group . . .


inexplicable a feeling it was,

the wall became a wave

and reached me


as this sorrow comes now


but the wave couldn’t break me

It made me more rock  – ground to sky,

(and thank you.)


but this sorrow, will… break me.


water –

its delicate


the kernel


of surrendering.






Go have fun in heaven.

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