Book Launch: The Coordinates of Us | सर्व अंशातून आपण

After some rough weather, smooth-sailing with this book. The Coordinates of Us | सर्व अंशातून आपण is newly on Amazon and celebrating a book launch on 3rd May 2022 (tomorrow) at 2-3 pm IST, at the Anantha Poetry Festival.
Immensely grateful to Namita Gokhale and Ashok Vajpeyi for supporting this book of English/Marathi poetry translations.

Thank you, Sonya Nair.
Come watch!

You may buy the book here.

Shortlisted (manuscript) at the iWrite 2020 Jaipur BookMark 2020, Jaipur Literature Festival. Winner of a grant by the prestigious Raza Foundation.

A book of 80 cross-translated poems in Marathi and English by poets Sanket Mhatre and Rochelle Potkar. Divided into 6 sections each, this book carries poetry in themes ranging from childhood nostalgia, philosophical querying, love, coming-of-age, travels, social and political worldviews, personal epiphanies, death, loneliness, womanhood, meta-poems on being a poet, family relationships, dystopia, dreams, and the in-between transcience of existential states. With a foreword by Ravi Sanker N.

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