Bombay Hangovers reviewed in Hindustan Times (Dec 2021).

Independent journalist Lamat R Hasan intricately reviews Bombay Hangovers for Hindustan Times (Dec/2021).

“Poet Rochelle Potkar’s first collection of short fiction includes 15 stories set in Mumbai and one set in Goa. They uncover the inner lives of characters while revealing the author’s knack for fashioning intricate plots and dissecting complex relationships”

Read the review here.

When at the end, the reviewer hearteningly says “There is no buzz around Potkar’s debut collection. This is surprising because Bombay Hangovers is a wonderful read.” … I wonder how resonant this is for all writers, poets, artists. We recurrently feel we don’t get enough buzz. Very few will say they have had enough! 😀

Do read on. You can still post your reviews at Amazon, Goodreads. Hope your dog-eared copies like intact from weather and omicron.

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