Posts from: June 2016

Four Degrees of Separation, reviewed by Jessica Faleiro

At Here’s the link:   Since we belong to that zamana where reviews get reviewed, so here are two reviews of this review: A very exhaustive and well covered review. – Julia Dutta The book is so well reviewed. Some lines made me feel choked…some raised my expectation beyond permissible limits to strengthen my…

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Dubbing for Taramani, Chennai

The real purpose of going to Chennai this time was to complete my dubbing. I was worried about doing those four scenes without retakes. Different people had said different things about dubbing – that it was hard, that the voice cracked up at the end of the day… Mine went well only because of director Ram….

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Poetry at the Square: chennai

This was a good experience. Naiduji and I spoke about a few poems from Four Degrees of Separation. I read quite a few poems and then we opened it up to an open mic of eclectic Tamil, English and Urdu poetry. I went away full, not empty, as happens so many times when one has to speak but…

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