2 events: Pratilipi + Shoolini

Saving these two events before memory does me in and it fades off in this roller-coaster of a life.

Was wonderful talking to the participants of ‘WOW – Women of Wonders – a two-month-long contest by Pratilipi. Ye know… there are times when you want to pour the entire ocean into a tumbler and there are only 45 minutes, so you structure, structure, structure. I shared a bit about my writing journey, writing to biorhythms, words and their rhythms and resonance, and answered some damn-good writing questions and then the hour was up! Sometimes one hour can be the ocean. (Exhausting yet Fulfilling – a deep-sea swim). Now onto the next zoom session at the Shoolini Literature Festival. Wait, let me gather my reading voice that’s scraping silvery over its bends.

And then I went ahead and read two poems and one prose piece ‘Our Lovers’ from my book Bombay Hangovers. The whole session at the Shoolini Literature Festival 2022 was rich with sharing. Poet Allan Lake sent me the cutest message later that we exchange our books and ship them to each other. So we exchanged addresses.

Rebecca Haque read a personal, moving historical piece, and Jennifer Mackenzie read delicious atmospheric poetry.

And I was intoxicated at noon! Wasn’t i?

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