’10 Things I want to do to you’ in VOICE.

My poem in the voice of Nikesh Murali – professional voice actor, award-winning writer, and the brain behind

Indian Noir – India’s most critically acclaimed crime n’ horror storytelling podcast.

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Read the whole poem in ‘The Bloomsbury Book of Great Indian Love Poems’ (Ed. Abhay K.)

Nikesh writes –

“I don’t regularly post readings anymore. But when I do, I try to align it with an ongoing story on Indian Noir. This gem by accomplished poet and @uiiwp alumni @rochellepotkar aligns so well with RIVER OF NIGHT’S DREAMING. It could very well be the poem that Mukti wrote for Sarthak. After all, the tale is about knowing exactly what your soul wants out of your precious life, only to be denied its comforts and pleasures by an oppressive society and toxic family dynamics.”

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