Tall Tales

I edited and read ‘Slice’ at the storytelling event of Tall Tales at Studio X, Mumbai and then again at an encore in Pint Room, Bandra in June 2013

Both readings received rave reviews for content and performance.

Being a writer largely isolated, sitting in a corner writing in the whole day, to tell a true-life story of growing up around domestic violence in front of a group of strangers was a daunting thought. But I realized my story was just as important as any other.

… to see a notional reader spring up, real and embodied, listening with rapt attention was both exhilarating and (happily) disorienting. This should last until I submit my next story!


My quotes in Hindustan times, for Tall Tales, July 2013 (2)

To know what Wall Street Journal covered on this: http://blogs.wsj.com/indiarealtime/2013/07/16/telling-tales-in-mumbai/

To listen in on my story, click for the audio here: http://cl.ly/3q0v3b2z1i2p

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