Dreams of Déjà vu

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Dreams of Déjà vu:

A Speculative novel

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Book Description:

Nathan has a breakdown at 14 when his mother dies. Three alter egos help him cope. A few years later in art school, he is declared a genius.

What allows Nathan to bring his canvases to life?

With his musician friend Chuck, Nathan invites the consciousness of his childhood friends: Leonara, Mihir, and Firoz into his mind. But will this answer his questions?


Is Nathan doomed in his love for Leonara, or by his alter ego Larz’s need for independence? Or will his caring psychiatrist Dr. Oak end up harming him more as tries to help him?

This story reels through the trauma of a disturbed childhood, blessed with paranormal gifts, yet challenged by the ambitions of an alter ego, in language glowing with intelligence and invention.



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