Four Degrees of Separation

Paper Asylum


Individual poems:

Poetry on Poem Hunter

Key holes in The Daily Star

Capsule in The Daily Star

The Yellow window in Joao Roque Literary Journal

To Daraza, winning poem, Norton Girault Literary Prize in Poetry, UK

The girl from Lal Bazaar, shortlisted, The Gregory O’Donoghue International Poetry Competition, Ireland.

Confluence, FemAsia magazine.

Lake Vostok, poem in video.

Skirt, poem in video.

Deer, poem in video.

Golden city, poem in video.

Transmogrified on Poetry Foundation’s Poetry magazine

Silk Routes: International Writing Program, Iowa
Poems on bigbridge (ed. Menka Shivdasani)
Swing, Wordweavers 2014
Skirt on Kritya
Haiku with The Sunflower Collective

Holiday in audio / Poems for the Road podcast (UK),
Poems on soundcloud


Poems in anthologies:
40 under 40 – post-globalization poetry (ed. Nabina Das & Semeen Ali)
Mingled Voices 3: The International Proverse Poetry Prize Anthology 2018

Sahitya Akademi’s Modern English Poetry by Young Indians (edited by Sudeep Sen)