My Mumbai book launch was a smooth affair…

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And I say smooth because we adhered to time, almost, we had a program flow in place,  we had a good conversation, we viewed the book and all that it spoke of… shifting perspective like a rubix cube under yellow haze, or glaring at it like it as though it were an iridescent specimen – transparent fish.

I liked pitching my trajectory from small town to city, from girl to woman, pre-lib to post-lib, delusion to disillusion, and back to real-illusion. We spoke about the journey poetry made from Theosophy Hall, New Marine Lines to now in pubs.

We read poems. We got some more poems read. My most cherished people who’ve been part of my path were in this room. The ones who couldn’t be there were in spirit, text or telephone. I could feel the strong pull. It was good. It was enough. Contentment can sometimes come from just this much, or this little…

 Pictures later… too heavy to upload. ;/ 🙂

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